Pack A Punch: Why Your Website Palette Matters

When’s the last time you looked at a website? Not browsed, really studied? Pick one out of your list of favorites. How does it hit you? Not the information, the design.

How a website is designed can determine its livelihood more than you may’ve considered. Your site can be a wealth of information but if the information is organized into a dull presentation, it could make the difference between a low to moderate or substantial flow of traffic. Though this topic is debatable in terms of its ultimate importance, we’ll drop debate at the doorstep and offer a does of insight:

The SiteTechs hypothesis proposes website schematics are an integral tool in the mining of cyberspace.

Going with that, we can parse the idea that a website’s blueprint is of equal value to its content. Besides being a stream of information, the Internet is a stream of visuals that are mostly filtered out in order for us to retain key information. We have to assume that “key” information also contains visuals be it a striking graphic, video or image… or for that matter, a web page.

Whatever corner of the web you inhabit, you want your site’s layout to capture AND sustain interest.

Finding the “perfect” formula of design and content harnesses your ability to communicate with the online customer while establishing yourself as a unique brand.
Out of the box example: If I say the word “Starbucks” chances are you immediately picture their GREEN and WHITE logo, the Starbucks mermaid, of course. We identify that as part of their brand. Delving back into cyberworld, capturing a crisp palette helps you burrow into the browser’s attention.

The psychology of color is an important principle to factor in if you’re intent on drawing more traffic to your site. It can’t be overlooked that the brain is stimulated by certain colors that can activate other impulses, such as curiosity or prolonged interest.
On they layout the latest, most popular color combinations in website design. For more:

If you think this is nothing more than well-intentioned bunk, and functionality is what you’re most concerned with, choice of color still can’t be eliminated from your thought process. According to

“For 2012, the emphasis on web design colour choices leans more toward functionality … while creating an attractive and inviting site is always important, today’s browsers want a homepage or landing page that is straightforward. For this reason colour choice must be a careful process that will enhance the site theme…”

Whether you believe that website design is of primary or secondary importance, it’s a good idea to re-examine your site’s layout and color scheme. In terms of your bottom line, determine if it’s enhancing that bottom line or not, or is simply a neutral part of your bigger picture. Whatever your conclusions, it’s territory worth exploring.

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