Web Design

Our DESIGN philosophy rests on the shoulders of great looking, clean sites that are easy to navigate, fun and resourceful for the visitor.  Whether you are doing a new site or a makeover, your site design is eventually what the visitor sees and engages with, so it has to hit the mark.  No matter what direction you take, this is the initial and crucial step to establishing your online presence.

Web Maintenance

Once you have a great looking site, it is as important to MAINTAIN it on an ongoing basis so that the information contained therein is fresh, accurate and satisfies the reason it was created in the first place.  This includes periodic updates of your sites, content management and user support to keep your site fresh and achieving your stated goals.  It may also include maintaining your ema…

Web Marketing

A well-designed and maintained site is never going to attract new clients on its own.  You need to MARKET it so people can find you and know you are there.  Without it, no one can find you or see you as they use the Internet on a daily basis.  Marketing includes email campaigns, social networking, online advertising and other online marketing efforts.  As a Sitetechs client, included with our…

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