Website Design

Visuals make a statement.  They engage and inform.  Whether constructing a site blueprint or doing a site overhaul, design is the primary communicator of your company’s trademark.  Creating a smart presentation with the intention of increasing your visibility and client-base requires skillful attention for any online venture with a goal of success.  SiteTechs will guide you in finding the layout that enhances your brand or business.

Where to begin?

Web-building is a unique process.  And an overwhelming task if you’re not familiar with the mechanics of what makes a quality product.  Layer by layer we identify the building blocks required to capture your vision, determining what technology best supports smooth functionality, choosing the right server, appealing visual aesthetics, and how information is organized and communicated to the target audience.  Keeping in step with the client’s mission, we outline the required elements to execute that mission and bolster name recognition.

Crossing the bridge into new domains

At what level is your site operating right now?  Whether the answer is 1.0 or 3.0, websites always need a transformation.  SiteTechs puts the “UP” in upgrade, finding dynamic features that will improve the look, navigation and overall usability.  Not only visuals, but quality of content is what the user(s) connects with.  We’ll offer approaches in refreshing content to keep your message/service relevant and keep the visitor(s) coming back.  Check out our maintenance section for more.

Systems, check!

Before taking the site live, SiteTechs will “test-drive” your site to check for any unexpected glitches and that the level of performance is satisfactory.  Let’s face it, site construction is quirky business and we’re experts in making sure the framework is sound before it’s blasted off into cyberspace.

No limits.

With technology moving at mind-numbing speed, the world of site design is unfolding into exciting new areas.  Our expertise provides a range of options — whether using a simplified structure or cutting edge — SiteTechs can help push your product into the cyber limelight.

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