Internet Marketing

Be seen.  Be known.  Be remembered.  The internet is a jungle of visuals and information.  To achieve optimum visibility, you have to pursue multiple streams:  Search engines (fine-tuning SEO); social networking; hyperlinks and connecting with other sites that fall within your niche market.  Once we’ve identified what need you’re fulfilling and who your target market is, we take your product and apply a specialized strategy to hit all the relevant targets.  Email blasts, press releases, news groups, banner ads…we can employ a number of tactics to juice-up business and break new ground.

Establish.  Build.  Capitalize.  Now that you’ve established a brand, it needs to be viewed.  Over and over. Build web traffic with banner ads, hyperlinks, viral video…pro-active strikes with techniques you haven’t considered.  Capitalizing on web traffic is the trick to securing online notoriety.  There’s a lot of emphasis placed on Page Rank, Google’s system that measures how high on the web thermometer a site is listed.  Page Rank is a very valuable tool yet it’s just one of many assets to consider in the marketing stratagem.  The benefits of social media are expanding by the day.  A vital part to promoting your business, pervasive use of these outlets amplifies your web presence.

Sitetechs can help you determine the most effective action-plan to promulgate your product.  Marketing is a multi-pronged effort that with savvy strategy, can catapult your business to a higher echelon in the web world.

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